Dunboyne Framework Plan

Dunboyne, Pace, Clonee Integrated Framework Plan for Land Use and Transportation (IFPLUT)

The preparation of the Framework was commissioned jointly by Meath County Council and the Dublin Transportation Office (DTO) for this area of County Meath, which is an objective of the County Council in its Development Plan.

The primary objective of the Study is to develop a land use and transportation strategy for the area to deal with current problems and to identify the necessary measures required to cater for anticipated growth.

The Framework will establish the relationship between land use development and transportation at a local level to ensure people are offered the opportunity to travel by the most appropriate and sustainable mode of transport whether by foot, bicycle, bus, car or train.  It will fundamentally address the future quality of life and social inclusion of the people of the corridor as it looks to build upon the opportunities to make the area an attractive place to live, work, play and socialise.

It is intended that the Framework will provide a long term strategic vision for integrated land use and transportation development, working towards an environment which is attractive to live and work in.

The Framework will be incorporated into future reviews of development plans, guiding future land use development and transportation investment, and formalising the essential links between land use and movement.

Preparing the Study involved extensive public consultation and consideration of the views of the general public and individual stakeholders to ensure that there is a high level of engagement with all interested parties.

Meath County Council
National Transport Authority

2008 – Present